How long do the decals last?

When properly installed they will definitely last the lifetime of the tyre. They’ve been tested to 200 miles per hour.

Will they fit my tyre?
Yes – each set of stickers are custom made to ensure they fit properly every time.

How do I know which size I need before I order?
We have a tyre sticker calculator on the website. Simply enter your tyre size and the calculator works it out for you.

Are they easy to install?
We’ve put a lot of work into making installation as simple as possible. As with so many things, the preparation is key. Cleaning the tyre is important as the adhesive needs to stick to the rubber, not a layer of dirt.

Our instructions are really clear and we’ve had compliments about our instruction manual. It’s pretty fool proof but if anyone is even slightly unsure about any part of the fitting process they can call us and we’ll help.

Do the stickers stay white?
Our decals will neither stain, fade nor crack. The material is high performance and highly adhesive. The lettering is impact, UV, weather, chemical, and ozone resistant.

How quickly will I receive my set from ordering?
We aim to fulfil all orders for tyre sticker kits within one working day.

What’s included in each kit?
Every Tyre Wall Sticker kit includes a full set of decals for all four tyres plus adhesive gel, tyre cleaning solution and a comprehensive instruction manual.

What colours are Tyre Wall Stickers available in?
There’s a range of colours – we’ll try and match any colour request as closely as possible and you can mix and match multiple shades if you like.

How do I keep them clean?
Cleaning is really easy as they are resistant to pretty much everything. Clean them as part of your regular carwash. No special treatment required. We have a product which makes cleaning even easier: https://tyrewallstickers.com/products/tws-heavy-duty-tyre-sticker-cleaner

What happens if I lose a letter?
We pride ourselves on our customer service both in terms of speed and efficiency. We aim to make the whole process as straightforward as possible. This is all about enjoying your car and we are car people so we do everything we can to make the process enjoyable. Problems are rare – occasionally someone loses a letter to a curb but if they get in touch, we’ll do what we can.