Tyre decals have come a long way since their inception. What started as a way to identify tyres in motorsports has now become a popular trend in mainstream culture. Here's a brief history of tyre stickers:

Tyre decals were first used in motorsports in the 1950s. Drivers would put their initials or racing numbers on the sidewalls of their tyres to help identify them in the pits. This practice soon caught on, and it became common for teams to display sponsor logos on their tyres as well.

In the 1980s, tyre stickers started to gain popularity outside of motorsports. This was due in part to the rise of custom car culture, where car enthusiasts would modify their vehicles with unique designs and accessories. Tyre decals became a popular way to customise the look of cars, and the trend quickly spread.

In recent years, Tyre Wall Stickers have become even more popular (which is good for us!). Influencers, car manufacturers, designers and celebrities have used our custom tyre writing on their cars, and this has helped fuel the trend even further

Today, Tyre Wall Stickers are available in a wide variety of designs, colours, and finishes. They are not just limited to motorsports or car culture, either. Many businesses use our tyre decals for marketing purposes, and they have even been used as part of art installations and other creative projects.

In conclusion, tyre decals have a fascinating history that dates back to the early days of motorsports. From their humble beginnings as a way to identify tyres in the pits, they have evolved into a popular trend in mainstream culture.