At Tyre Wall Stickers, we understand that installing decals on your tyres can be a daunting task. That's why we offer a professional fitting service to ensure that your tyre lettering is applied smoothly and accurately. Our team has years of experience in this field and we take great care to ensure that the decals stay in place (unless the tyre is curbed).

We have teamed up with Octane Haus, a modern studio based in Fleckney, Leicestershire, to provide our fitting services. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art hex lighting and a shop for all your car cleaning needs. For an additional cost of £50, you can also have professional photographs taken of your car in the studio.

Before installing the decals, we lightly remove any raised text on the tyre wall to ensure that the surface is smooth and to create a key for the adhesive. This step has been approved by professional tyre technicians from Falken and does not damage the tyre wall. For most cars, it is easier to remove the wheels before starting the installation. However, on some high performance cars, we can install the decals while the wheels are still mounted.

Installation Cost

£200 +VAT for a standard kit fitted (x8 Decals) 2-3 Hours Install Time

£300 +VAT for a standard kit with pinstripes or flares fitted. (x8 Decals, x8 Pinstripes/Flares) 3-4 Hours Install Time

If you would like a whitewall look, we can fit it in three sections for a cost of £300. This allows for easy replacement of any damaged sections and ensures a seamless appearance. To arrange an installation, please email us. The car can be left overnight at the premises or we can schedule the installation for a weekend, when we have the most availability. Fleckney is a small town with a pub and a few shops, and Leicester is a short taxi ride away.