TWS Tyre Cleaner – 100ml
June 1, 2019
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August 8, 2019

50ml TWS Adhesive De-Bonder


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About TWS De-Bonder

TWS De-Bonder. Ideal for fast and easy removal of our permanent Tyre Stickers.

This product is thixotropic and in the bottle, the material can seem to be solid, this is not the case, when agitated it will revert to a fluid (if left standing, tap the bottle before using. If the nozzle is blocked remove the nozzle). The reason for the material being ‘thixotropic’ is when dispensed it will revert from a fluid state back to a gel, this is so the De-Bonder remains in place on the ‘adhesive’, a fluid would run off and the material needs to stay in situ for it to work. No flammable solvent or water in the material.

Works by swelling the adhesive into a gum-like consistency making the adhesive easy to remove.

How to Use Guide: Click here

*Picture for illustrative purposes only, the bottle may look different to what is sent.