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April 17, 2020
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July 29, 2020

Sidewall Stripes


This order contains 8 Sidewall Stripes

This kit is perfect for those wanting to really stand out from the crowd, simply add this product into your cart along with your chosen Tyre Sticker Kit.

Please note: Some trimming may be required to get them to fit properly, this kit was designed for an 18″ tyre, but will work for 17″ & 19″ tyres too. We highly recommend you taking off the wheel from the car and doing this indoors, it is harder to apply than our regular tyre sticker kits.

An extra adhesive bottle may be required with this kit (purchased separately here), simply apply a bead of adhesive in the middle and around the edge of the stripe, then use the brush cap from the original tyre sticker kit to brush the adhesive on the back of the sticker, make sure you get 100% coverage!

The adhesive will need longer to go off, so please leave your car a maximum of 24hrs. After 6hrs check the corners and edges of your decals, if there if lifting, apply the adhesive to the edges, it will dry black so won’t be visible once it has dried. Please be careful not to get any overspill onto the decals.

This kit includes:

– 8 Decals (Sidewall Stripe)

Installation Guide:

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Technical Information:

  • 1mm thick raised white decals with anti-stain properties
  • Multi-layer Patent Pending Materials Designed for Extreme Performance
  • Easier Install and Greater Durability
  • No need to remove the tyre
  • Suitable for car washes: Yes
  • Tested driving speed: approx. 200 mph
  • UV resistance: 3 to 5 years
  • Removability, residue-free: Yes