Gestreckte HANKOOK Reifenaufkleber

Diese Bestellung enthält 8 HANKOOK Reifenaufkleber, inklusive orangefarbenem Logo

HANKOOK Reifenbeschriftung und Reifenbeschriftungsaufkleber – Entwickelt für permanente erhabene Beschriftungen

Hinweis: Nicht zu groß bestellen! Wenden Sie sich an uns, wenn Sie Probleme haben, oder verwenden Sie unseren Reifenaufkleber-Rechner auf der Website, um zu helfen.


Dieses Kit beinhaltet:

- 8 Aufkleber
- Anleitung
- TWS Reifenaufkleberkleber
- TWS Reifenreiniger (nur Bestellungen aus dem Vereinigten Königreich)

Bevor Sie hier beginnen, sind ein paar Dinge, die Sie benötigen.

  • Abdeckband
  • Alter weißer Lappen zum Schrubben
  • Aceton oder 70 % Isopropylalkohol (für Bestellungen außerhalb des Vereinigten Königreichs)
Technische Information:
  • 1 mm dicke erhabene weiße Aufkleber mit Anti-Flecken-Eigenschaften
  • Mehrschichtige, zum Patent angemeldete Materialien für extreme Leistung
  • Einfachere Installation und längere Haltbarkeit
  • Keine Notwendigkeit, den Reifen zu entfernen (obwohl wir es empfehlen)
  • Waschanlagentauglich: Ja
  • Getestete Fahrgeschwindigkeit: 200 mph
  • UV-Beständigkeit: 3 bis 5 Jahre
  • Witterungsbeständig: 10 Jahre (bei richtiger Pflege)

Bitte beachten Sie: HANKOOK ist eine Marke von HANKOOK CHINAWARE CO., LTD und in keiner Weise mit verbunden. Unsere Dienstleistungen sind darauf ausgelegt, den visuellen Aspekt des Reifens zu verbessern und es Ihnen zu ermöglichen, ihn nach Ihren Wünschen anzupassen.

Wir sind spezialisiert auf kostenlose Branding-Lösungen für Reifenhersteller. Unsere OEM-Designs sollen speziell die Reifenhersteller auf den Reifen des Kunden bewerben. Unsere Designs fungieren als Emblem für Ihre OEM-Markenreifen, um sich mit der von Ihnen verwendeten Marke zu zeigen und zu identifizieren. Unsere Kunden sind starke Verfechter einer unauffälligen Darstellung der von ihnen verwendeten Marken; nicht nur kostenlose Werbung für den Reifenhersteller anbieten, sondern der Welt die Marke ihrer Wahl mitteilen. WIR dulden den Kauf von Marken nicht, um sie auf die Reifen einer anderen Marke anzuwenden. Jeder Kunde, der dabei erwischt wird, wird dem zuständigen Reifenhersteller wegen Fälschung gemeldet.


Steuern inklusive.
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  • Use our Tyre Sticker Calculator below to determine the perfect size for your tyres. We double-check all orders for accuracy. If we notice potential sizing issues, we'll adjust accordingly, so don't worry if you get this wrong. Don't order them too big, bigger isn't always better.
  • If you have any custom requests, please let us know in the notes section (For example "red writing instead of white", or "Pilot Sport 5s, not Pilot Sport 4")
  • Your decals may look a different size to what is in the product images, not all tyre decals are the same. A 20mm decal will be smaller than a 30mm decal and it's all down to the size of your tyre wall, if you'd like a preview before ordering, please contact us.
  • Please follow our guide for proper installation, if you have any questions reach out to us we'd be happy to help. Creating a key on the tyre wall is highly recommended as the adhesive will be much stronger, it also helps remove any dirt & oils.
  • Don't forget to leave us a review if you like our product and service, you'll be prompted to leave a review a week after placing the order. We can't describe how much these reviews mean to us
  • Thickness: 1mm raised rubber decals, crafted from special multi-layered rubber material made just for us.
  • Adhesive: Included in the kits, this has been specially formulated for us and is what we use for our installs.
  • Design: Every order is custom-made to guarantee they will fit on your tyres. If you have a specific request please contact us.
  • Weather and UV Resistance: Withstands fading for up to 10 years and guaranteed not to crack (Avoid using Tyre Shine products)
  • Speed Tested: Proven up to 220 mph.
  • Durability: Designed to last the lifetime of the tyre when installed correctly. (Install guide included)
  • Maintenance: Suitable for regular car washes, plus jet washing**Heavy-duty tyre sticker cleaner is available on our website**
  • Easy to Install: Follow our guide for a simple installation process. No need to remove the tyre although it's recommended.
  • Removal: These are designed to be permanent however can be removed, please email us for instructions on how to safely do this.

By default, all of our tyre stickers come white (unless stated otherwise), but we can do them in the following colours (just leave a note on the order form): Yellow, Sunflower Yellow (rich gold colour), Red, Orange, Blue, Silver, Dark Grey, Pink, Purple, Matte Gold, Bright Green. 

Choosing the perfect design and size for your tyres can be daunting, but we're here to make it easy! If you're uncertain about which option to select, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We will also double check all orders to make sure they work with your tyre size.

Remember all of our decals are custom made, so if you would like something bespoke please email us or leave a note in the order page. If you have ordered a custom design please remember to put your email address in the checkout page as we will email you a proof to preview before sending anything out.

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Our aim is to provide fans and enthusiasts with a means to celebrate and visually promote the brands they admire and use, through OEM-inspired designs that showcase these brands on their vehicles' tires. It is our policy to respect the intellectual property rights of all brands, and we strictly advocate against any misuse of these trademarks. The application of brand-specific designs to products not originally produced or authorized by the brand owner is expressly prohibited by Such actions are considered counterfeit, are in violation of our terms of service, and may lead to reporting to the respective brand owners, potentially resulting in legal consequences for trademark infringement.

By using our products, customers acknowledge and agree to respect these terms and the intellectual property rights of all brands represented. Our commitment is to foster a culture of respect and admiration for these brands, without misleading or creating any false impression of official affiliation or partnership.

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By purchasing and using our products, customers acknowledge and accept the risks associated with the installation and removal processes. It is highly recommended that customers consult with or hire professional installers if they are uncertain about the correct procedures. provides guidelines for product use, but ultimate responsibility for the proper application and removal of our products rests with the customer.

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This disclaimer is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of our policies and the terms of use for our products, ensuring customers are fully informed of their responsibilities and the extent of our liability.

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