I'm having trouble getting the letter kit to stick, what's going on?

The most important step is the tyre preparation.  You may think the tyre is clean but oil and dirt are difficult to remove, even new tires have to be thoroughly cleaned!  Proper cleaning will ensure a successful bond.

Customers with raised lettering or ribs on the tyres may face challenges.  These areas require additional prep work, it is highly recommended that you sand the tyre sidewall before application, this will create a nice flat surface for the decal to stick too.

Use what you're comfortable with, you can use a Dremel tool with a flap disc attachment (also available in our shop ) or go for something more heavy duty like a grinder with a flap disc attachment. Please only use this method if you're comfortable using this tool, you are are only smoothing the tyre wall and creating a key in the surface, at most you'll be taking 0.5mm off the tyre wall, DO NOT go through the tyrewall as that will damage the tyre.


How much glue shall I apply?

Make sure the decal has full coverage, apply 2-3 letters at a time to avoid the glue drying. If the glue starts to dry then it won't stick to the tyre wall, applying tyre stickers isn't a 5 minute job so please take your time 


If you still face challenges with application, email us at sales@tyrewallstickers.com or refer back to the installation guide that comes in the kits

 You can also view a video guide that was made by The Anarchy Garage here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DJtVbLwrLY