Over the last few weeks, we have been working tirelessly to re-create the lettering found on Vintage Good Year Eagle NCT Tyres (As seen in James bond “For Your Eyes Only“) which are no longer available buy. We are really happy with the results and they are within 0.5mm of the original lettering found on these tyres! A massive thank you to Fabian on the lotus forums for working with us and supplying the original tyre for us to work off. Below is how we did it!

How the design was made

Step 1: A original Goodyear Eagle NCT tyre was sent to us by Fabian (Lotus Esprit Owner)

Step 2: An image was taken of each letter, making sure to get the perspective correct

Step 3: In Adobe Illustrator we then carefully traced each letter, making sure to get all of the details and curves correct.

Step 4: Using the original tyre, each letter was carefully measured so we got the exact dimensions, we then did the same for the spacing

Step 5: Each letter was scaled to the exact size, they were then placed within the “Curve” of the tyre to make sure the arch lined up

Step 6: After the “Good Year” decal had been made, we then laser cut the design onto card to double-check the decals against the original

Step 7: Any adjustments were made and step 6 was repeated until the decal matched up exactly to the original

Step 8: Once we were happy, the design was sent off for the knife tooling to be made.

Step 9: Once the tooling had been made, the designs were then stamped out onto our Dual Layer Tyre Sticker Material and measured up against the original tyre again

Step 10: A Tyre Sticker kit was then made and send to Fabian, all within 2 weeks!

If you have a custom design you’d like us to make, get in touch today!