These tyre stickers are easy to install and fit exactly on top (or inside) of your existing black letters found on your tyre, these are a perfect replacement for Tyre Pens which are proven to not last.

Simply make a trace with a sheet of A4 paper and scan it in, focus on highlighting the edges of the raised rubber. We will then create a design and send it back to you along with a mockup, once approved it gets cut and send to you within 2-3 working days.



Create and email the traced file of the tyre lettering to us at  This can be accomplished by simply using a piece of clear packing tape and a sheet of white paper.

Step 1: Place the tape over the lettering on the tyre and apply even pressure. Make sure to apply pressure over all areas of the lettering. Use multiple pieces of tape for longer designs.

Step 2: Peel the tape off the tyre and place it on a sheet of white paper. Dirt and oil from the tyre will stick to the tape and display a perfect outline of your existing lettering which can be seen against the white paper.

Step 3: Scan the paper and send us the file along with the paper size to or send it in the post (contact us for our address)

An alternative way to create this tyre letter trace file is to place a sheet of white paper over your tyre lettering and shade it with a pencil to create visible outlines of the raised lettering behind the paper.