1) Select the area for application

Select a suitable area as per your decal size. Select an area which is comparatively smoother (with minimum markings).



2) Carefully smooth the area using sandpaper    15-20 Minutes Per Tyre

After you have located a suitable area, begin sanding down any raised rubber lettering. This will create a maximum bond for the stickers to adhere to and helps remove any dirt & oils from the surface. NOTE: Please be careful when doing this, you do not want to damage the integrity of your tyres. If you are uncomfortable with this step, just lightly scuff the surface instead, this will roughen the surface and give the adhesive something to grab onto.

Use masking tape to protect your alloy wheels from accidental scuffs.


3) Clean the area on the tyre thoroughly. (Important for a perfect bond) – 5-10 Minutes Per Tyre – Up to 5-10 passes may be required 

Start by cleaning the tyres with hot soapy water, then move onto something stronger.

Acetone or 70% isopropyl alcohol is the best solution for cleaning the tyres of tyre shine, road debris and brake dust. Please be aware, when cleaning your tyre, not to have the cleaner come in contact with your alloy, as it may damage the finish on the alloy.

It is important to soak a clean, white rag in the cleaner and wipe the tyre in several different directions. Several passes may need to be done to get all of the surface contaminants off of the tyre. 



New Tyres *Important*

New Tyres are coated in oils to make them look nicer for longer. However, we want to remove these oils as it prevents our adhesive from adhering to the rubber. This may take up to 10 passes with our tyre cleaner. To create a perfect bond sanding may be required, this is to not only smooth any raised edges but to create a key for the adhesive to bond to.

Tip: There is no such thing as over-cleaning. If you want your tyre letters to last the lifetime of the tyre, preparation is the key.


4) Place the lettering on the tyre.  – 10 Minutes Per Tyre

Pre-positioning the unglued lettering on the tyre is the first step in determining where your lettering should be finally glued down.

Tip: Try to follow a line on the tyre, this will make applying the letters A LOT easier as you have something to follow. You can mark with a pencil where you’d like the first and last letter to end up, do this to the other side of the tyre so they match. Masking tape can be used to hold the decals in place whilst you apply the adhesive onto the back

5) Apply the adhesive

Apply a thin layer of glue directly onto the back of the stickers (pay close attention to the edges). Use the nozzle on the glue bottle to move the adhesive around in a circular motion, we recommend applying three or four letters at a time, this is so the adhesive doesn’t dry and so you can apply moderate pressure to all decals.

Tip: If you are dealing with a large letter, it is easier to cut the sticker into smaller sections. Just be sure to align the other sections back correctly using the cut line.


6) Apply pressure to the decals

Once the sticker has been applied to the tyre, use your fingers to apply pressure to each letter for roughly 30 seconds. The protective film should still be on, so you won’t get any glue on your fingers! Remove the transfer film after around 60 seconds, if you have overspill from the glue it may start to dry on the transfer tape 

Tip: Make sure to focus on the edges of the letters. Once you’ve stuck all the letters down, go round to each letter double-checking the edges. If an edge peels, add more glue to the edge. If you have excess adhesive left over, you can apply a bead of glue around the top and bottom of the decal, this will increase the bond between the decal and the tyre, please note allow to fully dry (24hrs) before driving and avoid the glue getting wet as it will turn white/crystalise.


7) Allow to dry

The recommended drying and curing time for the decals is a minimum of 6 hours, depending on the temperature. The colder the weather, the longer you should wait. It is recommended to check the stickers after your first drive if they have peeled simply apply more glue and fasten by using masking tape.

Top Tip: We recommend leaving your car for 24hrs!


Please note: All tyre kits and materials must be dry and kept at room temperature for a minimum of 1hour before installation.



Clean with hot soapy water.
We don’t recommend using tyre shine products on the stickers, if the stickers are exposed to tyre shine, immediately wipe it off. They can however be Ceramic Coated.


If the decal shows signs of peeling due to application problems or from abrasion, repeat step 4 & 5. Spare stickers can be purchased from our site along with extra glue.


Click here for a guide on how to remove the decals.