Tyre slick or tyre shine is a product designed to give tyres a glossy, black appearance. While it may seem harmless, using it on your tyres can actually cause serious problems for your rubber tyre stickers. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using tyre slick on your tyres if you want to keep your rubber tyre stickers in good condition.

Firstly, the glue used to attach our tyre stickers to your tyres does not stick well to surfaces that have been treated with tyre slick. This makes it difficult to install the stickers properly, as they may not adhere correctly and can end up peeling off over time. As a result, the use of tyre slick before the install is one of the main reasons why rubber tyre stickers fail.

Secondly, some tyre shines contain solvents that can soak into the adhesive and weaken the bond between the tyre sticker and the tyre wall. This can cause the sticker to peel off prematurely, leaving unsightly glue marks on your tyres. Additionally, some tyre slicks can make the tyre sticker greasy and dirty-looking, which can be frustrating for those who take pride in the appearance of their vehicle.

Another problem with using tyre slick on your tyres is that it can cause staining on our tyre stickers. Tyre slick is designed to keep black tyres black, so applying it to a white or coloured rubber tyre sticker can cause discoloration or staining over time. Additionally, not all tyre slicks have been tested on our tyre stickers, so it's impossible to say for certain that they won't cause damage or staining over time.

Although our tyre sticker material is chemical-resistant, it's impossible to guarantee that using tyre slick won't cause damage or staining over time. This is why it's always best to err on the side of caution and avoid using these types of products on your tyres if you want to keep our tyre decals looking their best.

In conclusion, while tyre slick may seem like a harmless product, it can cause serious problems for tyre stickers. It makes the installation process difficult, weakens the bond between the sticker and the tyre, and can cause staining or discoloration over time. If you want to keep your tyre stickers looking their best, it's best to avoid using tyre slick or tyre shine altogether.